Productes Quimics Naturals S.L. (PROQUINAT) started its activity in 1995 as manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of waxes and paraffin for different industries: chemical, paper, candles, cosmetics and wood.

Our company

The strategic location of our headquarters and our factory / warehouse, the specialized knowledge of these products for more than 30 years, knowledge of the final market, as well as the first level international suppliers, has allowed us to become one of the main Suppliers of waxes and paraffins from southern Europe and North Africa, being one of the most specialized companies in this type of products.



PROQUINAT was founded as a small trading company of chemical raw materials, specialized in natural and microcrystalline waxes and paraffin.


PROQUINAT achieved its first major goal: a sales volume of 1.000tn.


PROQUINAT starts a 50% joint venture with Gequimica Brasil, creating Gewax Europa: a company, dedicated to the commercialization of Petrobras micro-crystalline waxes in Europe.


The expansion process started with the acquisition of the current production plant, located in Fornells de la Selva (Girona), where the first production, handling and refining processes began.


Due to the increase in business, PROQUINAT expands its workforce and acquires new offices in Badalona, ​​where its headquarters are currently located.


We exceed the 4.000tn sold. In the same way the volume of purchase of the natural waxes increases (250tn of Beeswax and 100tn of Carnauba Wax).


PROQUINAT is serving more than 120 clients on a regular basis. As a result of an important internationalization process, international sales now exceed 35% of total turnover. Currently PROQUINAT sells in 15 countries between Europe and the Rest of the World.




PROQUINAT is a Company specialized in waxes and paraffin, leader and benchmark in this sector in Spain. Our aim, is to provide to our clients the best worldwide selected raw materials and our best customer service.



PROQUINAT wants to keep on leading the paraffin and natural waxes market in Spain and consolidate its position in Europe.


The close relationship with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders is based on honesty, responsibility and social commitment. https://fundacionkhanimambo.org/

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