After more than 20 years providing products and services to our customers, we can state that we have one of the most complete product portfolio referring to waxes, paraffins and other derivates. All our references, coming from suppliers from around the world, pass strictest quality controls in our premises before putting them in the market. That’s why PROQUINAT is the selected supplier in waxes and paraffins in paper, candles, cosmetics, adhesives, chemicals and wood industries.



Produced in oil refineries, they come from removing paraffins of mineral oils. Paraffins have many applications in our daily life.

  • Refined paraffin waxes: paraffin wax with less than 0,5% in oil content and with different melting points. Usually they are hydrogenated at saturation in order to get alimentary rank suitable for food ingredient:

    PROQUIWAX 4850:
    very low melting point paraffin very well appreciated for cosmetic and human rehabilitation applications
    PROQUIWAX 5254:
    low melting point paraffin used in cork and in high quality decorative candles industries.
    PROQUIWAX 5658:
    standard refineted paraffin mainly used in chemical industry, paper and cardboard.
    PROQUIWAX 5860:
    standard refineted paraffin mainly used in chemical industry, paper and cardboard.
    PROQUIWAX 6466:
    high melting point paraffin very appreciated in adhesives, gum bases and high quality wax candles, among other applications.
    Parafinas refinadas Proquinat
  • Semirefined paraffin wax: oil content less than 5 % for industrial uses.

    PQW SR5254:
    candles manufacturers uses
    PQW SR5658:
    industrial uses
  • Micro crystalline waxes: due to their particular structure, its are highly appreciated when looking for products with higher viscosity and elasticity.

    MICRO 44:
    Brown colored micro crystalline wax mainly used as row material for other waxes.
    MICRO 170:
    alimentary micro crystalline wax with high melting point and hardness. Mainly used for base gum or high quality hotmelt ahesives.
    MICRO 186:
    yellow and soft micro crystalline wax, very used due to its excellent value for money ratio.
    MICRO 71/75:
    alimentary micro crystalline commonly used in gum base applications, hotmel adhesives and Vaseline production.
    alimentary micro crystalline with low melting point.



Food grade paraffin wax  to which different polymers are added to increase their performance in impermeability, resistance and gloss mainly used in paper and corrugated cardboard
    used to recoat paper and give shine and ressitence to water.
    mainly used to parafinate paper for both sides and give shine and resistance to water.
    used to parafinate paper only for one side
    PROQUIWAX R-6000:
    additivated paraffin with vegetable waxes and polymers for corrugated cardboard industry. Its use provides mechanical resistance and impermeability.
    Parafinas aditivadas



Natural waxes can come from animals, bee wax is the most frequent, or vegetal, currently being carnauba wax or candelilla wax the most common.

  • BEE WAX: coming from bees secretion, it has been used since thousands of years due to their many applications in candles and cosmetics

    natural bee wax, without any treatment to whiten it. Highly used in cosmetics and wood treatment
    filtration treated bee wax to get a bone-white colour. Used in cosmetics
    industrial ranked bee wax additivated with other waxes and paraffins in order to get specific outputs
    Ceras naturales
  • CARNAUBA WAX: exclusively coming from one type of Brazilian palms is used in food and cosmetic industries

    used in food industry (chew gum and chocolate recoating) and pharmaceutical industry (pill recoating). Provides shine and protection to those products
    used in recoating fruit to protect them from dehydration and to provide shine. Also used in leather and textile industries
  • CANDELILLA WAX COSMETIC RANK: ccoming from some Mexican bushes is used for color uses in cosmetics industry



Coming from chemical synthesis, they are used in chemical industry

  • FROM POLYETHILENE: short polyethylene chains that behave like a wax (low viscosity).

    polyethylene wax higly used in masterbachs filed and also as external PVC lubricant


    FISCHER-TROPS: coming from liquid gas, is used in hotmelts industry and road marking paints.

    Cera sintética



Waxes and paraffins water base dilutions

  • FROM PARAFFIN: water dilutions (mainly at 50%) used for cold paraffin applications

    EMULWAX 115E:
    used in chemical applications
    used in latex industry
  • FROM CARNAUBA: Carnauba wax emulsions with different applications cosmetics, polishing floors products and leather

    Carnauba emulsion with 40% solids used for polishing floors.
  • up

    FROM POLYETHYLENE: used in textile industry

    HERLENE 8115:
    textile industry.



Vegetable oils submitted to hydrogenation until saturation. It gives them waxen aspect and alimentary rank

  • ESTEARINE: mainly used in candle industry due to its opacity and strengh

    Aceites hidrogenados



  • COLOPHONY: resine coming from pines. Once distillated is used in adhesive and depilatory wax industries

    MODIFIED COLOPHONIES: esterified colophony resines very used in hotmelts, road marking paints and depilatory waxes.

    WHITE OILS: mineral oils totally hydrogenated very used in different industries (pharma, alimentary natural rubber, etc)

    Productos varios