Proquinat, distinguished by a provider of beeswax

Productes Químics Naturals S.L. has been awarded as a “Golden Client” by the largest beeswax manufacturer in China located in the province of Henan. The distinction comes after Proquinat has become its largest customer in the Iberian Peninsula. The gift delivery took place at the headquarters of Proquinat, in Badalona, as part of a visit […]

Proquinat knows in China the traditional bleaching of beeswax

Productes Químics Naturals S.L. has travelled to China to learn first-hand the traditional method of bleaching bee waxes. It is a manual process in which lumps of yellow beeswax are placed in the sun and moved daily for a period of fifteen days. After this time, the wax is completely bleached and is ready for […]