Wax and paraffin applications

The waxes and paraffins are very diverse and range from the most common as the manufacture of candles, to other more singular as the waxing of surfboards, the protection of fruit stems or the manufacture of waterproofing that are used even in the aeronautical industry.


Flexible packaging

In the flexible packaging sector, paraffins are widely used for the coating of paper and cardboard due to their waterproofing properties and resistance to water and oil.

Depending on the application of paraffin paper or gloss intensity, it will be necessary to use only a refined paraffin, a refined additivated paraffin with polymers (glossy waxed paper) or a rolling wax (aluminium paper).

Currently, to promote biodegradable and compostable products, we are starting to work with vegetable waxes for paper coating, especially palm wax, given the good results of waterproofing and migration.

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In the candle sector, one of the most widely used products is paraffin. Refined paraffins are used for high quality decorative candles and semi-refined paraffins are used for lower quality candles.

For the manufacture of candles, polyethylene waxes and stearic acid are also used to increase the hardness of products. Also, other products are used as beeswax, vegetable waxes or coconut oil to improve the burning of the candle.

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Cosmetics and hair removal

In the cosmetics sector, natural products are the most commonly used. For the manufacture of hair removal wax, it is used the beeswax, gum rosin, white oils, microcrystalline waxes and paraffin wax. For other cosmetic products such as lipstick, deodorants, soaps or creams the most commonly used products are beeswax, vegetable waxes and also vegetable oils.

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Adhesives and Hotmelts

In the adhesives and hotmelts sector it is used refined paraffins, microcrystalline waxes, modified rosin and also polyethylene wax.

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The carnauba waxes, both solid and emulsion, are widely used in the tanning and skin treatment sector for their waterproofing and brightening properties.

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Floor treatment

Carnauba and polyethylene emulsions are widely used as floor polishers.

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The waterproofing effect of paraffins, whether in solid or emulsified, makes these products are widely used in both wood board applications and corks.

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Beeswax is widely used in beekeeping for the manufacture of pre-printed sheets, from which bees build the hexagonal honeycombs.

Honey and pollen are preserved and the queen bee lays her eggs. In addition, microcrystalline waxes are used to coat and waterproof hives.

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Wax Wrap

Beeswax, gum rosin and jojoba oil are used for the manufacture of wax wrap where it is a natural alternative to plastic packaging for food storage.

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