Waxes, paraffin emulsions and other products

We have other products such as emulsions of paraffin, carnauba wax and polyethylene wax, as well as gum rosin, ester of glycerol, white oils, polyethylene wax and petroleum jelly.


An emulsion is a mixture of two immiscible liquids in a more or less homogeneous way. One liquid (the dispersed phase) is dispersed into another (the continuous phase or dispersing phase). Many emulsions are oil or water.

Emulsions of paraffin

Paraffin emulsions are aqueous solutions of paraffins (mainly at 50%) used for cold paraffin application.

Emulwax E115

Paraffin emulsion

Emulwax E115 paraffin emulsion

It is a homogeneous aqueous emulsion, consisting of a stable dispersion of fine particles of hydrogenated paraffin. The components of this emulsion are carefully selected, in accordance with the regulations F.D.A., so it can be used as an indirect additive for food purposes. Due to its characteristics Emulwax E115 can be used in a wide range of applications: in the paper industry, for the treatment of cardboard and paper and in the cork industry.

Emulwax ERV

Paraffin emulsion

Emulwax ERV paraffin emulsion

It is a homogeneous aqueous emulsion, consisting of a stable dispersion of fine particles of paraffin. Due to its characteristics, Emulwax ERV can be used in a wide range of applications: in the ceramic, latex, molded cellulose and cardboard sectors.

Emulsions of carnauba

Carnauba wax emulsions have applications in cosmetics, floor polishers and leather. They can be used in the treatment of surfaces for oiled and waxed floors, wood and cork, tiled floors and furniture.

They are suitable for adding to the floor maintenance water. In addition, Hernauba PQN-40I can be used for the treatment of hides and tanned in general, as its application gives the skin an excellent shine.

Hernauba PQN-40I

Carnauba wax emulsion

Carnauba wax emulsion Hernauba PQN-40I

It is an emulsion of carnauba wax with particle size less than 0.1µ, which gives it excellent characteristics of shine and great hardness. It is produced from a natural wax so it has a pleasant odor. It should be noted also the great speed of drying the emulsion and its ease of application.

Emulsions of Polyethylene wax

Polyethylene waxes are obtained through the polymerization of ethylene, it has excellent physical-chemical resistance characteristics when compared with natural and paraffinic waxes.

Aqueous emulsions of polyethylene waxes provide hardness, shine, abrasion resistance, scratch and mark resistance, lubrication and enhance touch.

Herlene P-8115

Polyethylene wax micro-emulsion

Herlene P-8115 polyethylene wax micro-emulsion

It is a micro-emulsion of polyethylene wax of very high melting point and hardness. Therefore, in an emulsion ideal for use in formulations that require a film of maximum brightness, hardness and abrasion resistance. It is suitable for application in sectors such as footwear, when you want to obtain a finish with an excellent shine. In the same way, Herlene P-8115 can be used in the textile industry as a softener, also offering great tear resistance.

Gum rosin

The gum rosin is a natural amber resin obtained from conifers by exudation from growing trees or during the extraction of stumps. The `pine resin has been the traditional mass glue agent of paper. Currently its main uses are in the gum industry, as a fundamental component of the base gum and in the cosmetic industry for the manufacture of depilatory wax.

As a curiosity, we can say that Baltic amber is fossil gum rosin. Gum rosin, along with potassium and lactose chlorate, is used to obtain white smoke that announces to the world that the Catholic Church has a new pope.

White Oils

White oil is a mineral oil obtained from paraffinic fractions. The process is by vacuum distillation and several subsequent refining processes, including final purification with catalytic regeneration. Mineral oil, also called paraffin oil or liquid paraffin oil, has no color, smell, or taste. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, food, rubber and plastic industries.

Polyethylene wax

Polyethylene wax is obtained from the polymerization of ethylene. It is the simplest and most chemically inert polymer and is characterized by a low viscosity that makes it look like a wax. Polyethylene wax is widely used in the masterbach sector as well as external PVC lubricant and hotmelt adhesives.

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is a mixture of paraffin and mineral oil especially for industrial and pharmaceutical applications.